1985 Christavia Mk1, N49635... $24,950



This two place plane has a lot of features and performance for the dollar. Designed to be a safe, rugged (+4.8, -2.8g) bush plane, it has STOL performance and goes 120 MPH. The cabin is a wide 30 inches. Compare the specifications with the Cessna 152 or the new $96,000 100 hp Champ.

Solo flight is from the front seat.


It flies like a Citabria, but with frise ailerons, gives a lighter touch. The required rudder input is less for coordinated flight. Handling is harmonious and delightful.  


A large baggage compartment is located behind the rear seat. It has Cleveland hydraulic disk toe brakes, formed aluminum spring main gear (grooved for brake lines),  Maule tail wheel and adjustable front seat. The two five point safety belts are from Pacific Scientific. The airframe total time is only 73 hours! The 708 SMOH Continental O-200 is equipped with a McCauley DCM6943 metal propeller, starter, new dry vacuum pump, quick oil drain valve, Brackett air filter, and new carb. The compressions are in the 70s. The plane is equipped with cabin heat, rotating beacon, nav lights, instrument lighting and landing light. It has always been hangared since the recover project was completed.


The plane was built by an experienced builder in TX and first flown in 1986. The fabric and one wing rib were hail damaged May 2003. It was flown to CA and inspected by an IA.  It was repaired, photographed, recovered and painted May 2004 by me (also experienced). It is not an Oshkosh contender... the interior needs some attention... the carpet is stained and should be replaced. The door window is crazed and needs to be replaced (I have the plexiglas, but haven't gotten to it yet).  The exterior is pretty good, but not excellent. I did an AOPA title search when I bought it... is clear of any liens or claims.


The PolyFiber (Stits) colors are Daytona White with Insignia Blue and Bahama Blue trim.  Complete logs, paperwork and receipts since the beginning.  This spiffy work horse is raring to go!.



Serial No. 58


        Empty Wt.      981 lbs

        Gross Wt.      1650 lbs

Fuel Capacity  

          21 Gallon Main Tank

            7 Gallon Aux Tank


        Cruise              105 MPH

        Top                   120 MPH

        Never Exceed  135 MPH

        Stall                     35 MPH


        Cabin Width      30"

        Overall Length   20' 8"

        Overall Height     7' 0"

        Wingspan          32' 6"

        Wing Area        146.25 sq ft


        Rate of Climb    850 fpm

        Take Off Roll    350 feet


        Magnetic Compass

        Gyro Artificial Horizon

        Gyro Turn and Bank

        Gyro Directional Heading



        Vertical Speed Indicator


        Manifold Pressure Gauge

        Cylinder Head Temperature (not connected)

        Carb Temperature

        Oil Pressure

        Oil Temperature

        Fuel Gauge


        Aux Fuel Flow Indicator

Optional Avionics Package ($1,000 not including installation)

        VAL Com 760 digital flip flop radio with tray and harness

         Decibel Products NavCom Antenna

        Narco AT50A Transponder with tray and harness

          Narco UDA-3 Transponder antenna

        Narco AR-500 Encoder with mount

        Pointer Model 3000 ELT


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